G.I. Tool Plant Services Division of General Industrial Tool & Supply has earned the reputation of working with its customers to design custom-tailored services and integrated solutions.  In  collaboration with customers and suppliers we synchronize supply and demand strategies to boost our customers' bottom line profitability.

G.I. Tool Plant Services offers results-oriented programs that are focused on controlling costs through improved processes, reduction of redundant inventory, and helping to solve manufacturing problems.  Our program can provide the best tool available from virtually any manufacturer to solve a particular need.

We work with our customers to evaluate and measure the custom-tailored solutions that enhance communication, avoid supply chain bottlenecks, and respond to real-time supply demands.  Improved supply chain management processes which increase profits and lower costs are presented monthly to our customers in statistically formatted reports with documented bottom-line cost savings.


Many of the inventory services are custodial in nature. The services that relate to inventory management are performed continuously, before and after the customer takes possession of the product. Multiple Bin Locations (or SKU’s) can be stocked in the tool crib for which GITPS is responsible. Of these, customer owned inventory is bar coded, counts, kept clean and well labeled, usage is tracked and reported on. In addition, GITPS can manage customer owned inventory on the shop floor. Services can include bar-coding, cleaning, counting, organizing and replenishing.

GITPS can serialize customer-owned gages and precision equipment. GITPS can track usage of said equipment and send items due for calibration to the calibration lab. Once items have been calibrated they are checked back into the tool crib as customer owned inventory.

GITPS can manage customer-owned cutting tools that are suitable for re-sharpening. GITPS can track which items are sent out for re-sharpening and check them back into the tool crib as customer-owned inventory.

GITPS can manage customer-owned machine tool accessories that requires re-work modifications by outside vendors. Often said modifications are need in a time sensitive manner, in which case GITPS hand delivers and picks-up from the vendor. GITPS can track which items are sent out for re-work, expedite the process and check them back into the tool crib or shop floor.

GI Tool Plant Services (GITPS), working in conjunction with factory technicians solves problems related to manufacturing processes and costs. GITPS brings in test tools and equipment and oversees the testing process. In order to reduce turn around time and maximize efficiencies in output, GITPS calculates time lines of old vs. new process as well as costs associated with old vs. new process. GITPS administers the testing process on the shop floor using customer owned machines and tooling. Documented cost savings are developed in conjunction with customer data to provide accurate bottom-line profit improvement.

Furthermore, GITPS offers suggestions and assists in implementing cost-saving measures throughout the plant. Proposals made and implemented include but are not limited to process savings in manufacturing, safety training, product training, machinery maintenance services, computer services, and alternate products available at lower cost.

GITPS can manage tool crib staff and, as needed, provide temporary labor for our customers. GITPS can cross train back-up crib attendants in the case of illness or an accident. GITPS also manages, as previously stated, inventory in the customer’s tool crib that is a mix of customer-owned and vendor-owned tools and equipment. GITPS reports internally and externally to our customers on a variety of issues, included but not limited to the following:
1. Transaction Reports are created of inventory issued out of tool crib and returned to tool crib. Issue Reports are done in a variety of ways:
 Each transaction generates a one-page report that is stored by GITPS for audit purposes.
 Department Leads can receive weekly detailed reports for their department by employee.
 Business Unit Managers receive monthly summary reports by department.
2. Calibration Reports can be provided weekly for tools due to be calibrated.
3. Large Expenditure Reports as needed.
4. Purchase Order Over-Due Report can be performed internally every day to improve lead time and expedite purchase process.
5. Purchase Report can be done daily to review requirements.
6. Scanner Reports can be done semi-weekly to replenish satellite tool cabinets.
7. Dead Stock Reports can be produced quarterly to keep inventory fresh, and maximize use of “real estate”.
8. Order Point Reports can be done quarterly to review and correct computer generated suggested stock levels.
9. Receipts Reports can be done daily as confirmation of inventory checked into crib.
10. Statement Billing can be done once a month.
11. Cost Savings Reports are generated from engineered products and/or improved processes. Reports are done monthly, usually at the rate of 2 – 3 per month.

A customer can quickly move from a position of no accountability on inventory usage to total accountability of inventory usage. Custom reporting is also done on an “as requested” basis, which happens at least once a month.

GITPS provides purchasing and accounting services. GITPS places purchase orders for benefit of our customers with a current group of approximately 100 other distributors and suppliers. (General Industrial is one of the one hundred). Our customers receive single page statements at month end and cut a single check per month for all materials flowing into the tool crib, thus enabling them to cut operating expenses.

GITPS coordinates monthly customer management sessions. Distributor, supplier, and customer remain focused on improving processes and cutting costs. Meetings are conducted on site at the customer’s facilities.

Let us know how we can help you to greater profitability. sales@gitool.com


CribMaster Video  

RFID Portal - The CribMaster Accu-Port
A short video showing the Accu-Port solution in use.

CribMaster Video  

RFID Drawer System - The CribMaster Accu-Drawer
A short video explaining the CribMaster Accu-Drawer solution..

CribMaster Video  

Electronic Lockers - The CribMaster ModuLock
A short video showing the ModuLock solution in use.

CribMaster Video  

A short video showing the CribMaster Multi-Store solution in use.

CribMaster Video  

A short video showing the CribMaster Pro-Stock solution in use.

CribMaster Video  

Step Drawer System - The CribMaster ToolCube
A short video showing the CribMaster ToolCube solution in use.

CribMaster Video  

Hill Air Force Base - Briefing on CribMaster Project
Maj Gen Kevin Sullivan from Hill AFB provides an overview and successful results of a CribMaster installation.

CribMaster Video  

Scanner Abuse - A Video Showing the Durability of the Scanners
A CribMaster scanner being beaten on a shipping dock.


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